These steps are showing legs

A thought we just couldn’t hold

Hadn’t rained in 50 days but

Piece by piece is what we were told

And “I’ll fix him”, yeah, 

That’s what she said

Thoughtless, leaderless & dumb

Broken & dumb

Broken and

What was it your mother said?

Old dogs, old postmen

We’re tired of licking stamps with

Nowhere to send them

She hitched up her skirt 

And climbed into bed

Strung up, tapped out, I’m done

Broken & dumb

Broken and dumb


from Stop Before The Dry River, released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved


My Grey Horse Stratford Upon Avon, UK

My Grey Horse was formed of 5 friends who spent 5 years making music that anchored their existence.

We're really proud of these records but now it makes sense to move on.

Thanks to anybody who listened to our stuff, bought our records, came to shows or supported us in anyway over the years: we couldn't be more grateful. You've been incredible.

Love from,
Pete, John, Oobah, Joe and Tom.
-dec 16
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